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I've been a bit slow in getting my blog written up recently. This is because I've been busy designing, creating and writing lots of new patterns.

I've also set myself up a Ravelry store


where my Patterns will be available to buy and I will also be having some of my patterns available to download for FREE.

One of my recent designs is this Mobius Cowl


It's a very quick make and you'll be able to make this in an evening. Once you've got the pattern off to a tea you'll be able to do it in an hour. I was sitting watching NCIS with my dad and whipped one up in no time.

I used Lanas Stop Davos super chunky yarn 1 x 100g ball is enough, but 2 strands of any aran weight or 4 strands of and DK weight yarn worked together will be perfect for this project. It's snuggly and warm and perfect for beginners

If you'd like to have a go at this you can download it FREE from my Ravelry Store HERE

IMG_8788 edit

Happy Hooking


Jane x




ww1 window

 At The Wool Bar we have been commemorating 100 years since WW1. One of our lovely customers Eve knitted lots of vintage knits and did a lot of research.

She also crocheted 100 poppies.....

Ever since then we are constantly being asked if we will be selling the poppies, The answer at the moment is no as they are part of the window display, but we would like to have some poppies that we could sell.

I decided to design my own poppy and I made a few for the customers to buy, but as we get closer to remberance Sunday we are getting more and more people asking if we can make them, So we are asking all our lovely Wool bar supporters if they would like to make and donate some poppies for us to sell.

All the proceeds will be going to the Royal British Legion.

You can make crochet poppies or knitted ones and there are many FREE patterns on Ravelry or you can have a go at my crochet poppy.

Here are some knitted ones that have been sent in to us and a picture of my poppies. 

knitted poppy

poppy 2

Click here to download FREE POPPY PATTERN

Hope you have lots of fun making yours

If you would like to donate poppies to the Wool Bar you can send them into us or pop by the shop any time. The more poppies we have the more money we can raise. 

Happy Hooking & Knitting


Jane X






I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've written my blog, but I have been very creative. I've made a lace shawl and a silk lace cardigan. The Cardigan started life out as a rectangular shawl but as I'd mad a few of them recently I decided to turn it into a bolero and then continued and made it into a cardigan. I've not yet written the pattern out for it, but when it's ready it'll be available to buy from the wool bar. 


As well as crocheting I've also been making some crystal stitch markers. They are on special introductory offer of £4.95 and you can buy them exclusively from the Wool Bar.

stitch markers 01  stitch markers 03

As some of you may also be aware The Wool Bar is cellerating their 5th Birthday il_fullxfull_191149032 this month and to celebrate we are holding a competition. We have a blank wall at the wool bar and we would like you to make Mandalas which we can hang on the wall. When you send in your mandala you will have a raffle ticket put into the pot and at the end of June some lucky person will receive a lovely Wool Bar bundle of goodies. 

Now some of you may be wondering what a Mandala is. Traditionally a mandala is a double layered crochet disc to hold onto pan handles and take dishes out of the oven, a pot holder with a tag on one side so that it can be hung up. Now days they are just decorative crochet patterns in colourful colours. They don't need to be double layered or have a tag as they are being spray mounted onto the wall. I did a couple 3 were the same design and the other one was an African flower design. The patterns for these are FREE on Ravelry.  I've added links to them below, but there are many more on Ravelry.

   mandalas 4 

As you can see the collection has already started to grow, so to get yours added to the wall get hooking and bring them in to us or post them in.



happy hooking 


Jane x




I've been having lots of fun trying out some of the gorgeous yarns available for the summer in the wool bar. When you design something there can be a lot of trial and error before you are totally happy with your pattern. Some yarns do not like being messed around with, but this latest yarn I've been using is very forgiving and an absolute dream to work with.

Artesano Linen silk & Merino double knit. They come in 50g skeins and 100mtrs per skein. The Wool bar are selling them for £7.95, so for a luxurious yarn it's a really good price.

 artesano linen silk 02

When I was designing this Zig Zag Lace Wrap, I originally had a different pattern in mind, but I wasn't happy with it so ripped it back, and even thought I undid it a few times the yarn still looked as good as when I first started playing with it.

The perfect thing with this zig zag lace pattern is that you can make your wrap any size you want just by working any length or chain and repeating the pattern as many times you want. For an average size wrap you want to make the chain around 50 inches and repeat the pattern about 5 times so it end up around 15 inches in depth.

 zig zag lace zig zag lace sneek peak

If you want to give this pattern a try you can download the pattern for FREE here

 Hope you have fun trying this pattern or making something different with this yarn. Don't forget to post your creations on The Wool Bar Facebook page


Happy Hooking


Jane x



I was planning on sharing my 3D flower granny square blanket with you over the bank holiday weekend, but it's has been my daughters birthday and time slipped away from me. Hey better late than never lol. 


This blanket kind of just evolved. I started off making big flowers for a Wedding Caroline was planning, which led on to me making big flower bunting in a rainbow of colours. I then carried on to make some big flowers for the shop window, but started to get bored with the design, so started to make the 3D flowers. I made quite a few and started to experiment by turning them into squares and working out how many different colour combinations I could make using 3 colours on each square. I had worked out that the 7 colours I was using would work out at 210 combinations before I would get a repeat, I wasn't planning on making that many, but you could if you wanted too. I then decided to make matching squares without a flower in the middle. I chose to make 21 flower squares and 21 matching squares. I edged each square with white and then put it together with the white as well as doing a white border. I did a plain border as I felt that all the colours and flowers were quite in your face and a fancy border would have been over kill, but at the end of the day if you choose to make one of these blankets then the end design is totally up to you. 

crochet 3d flower granny squares 

granny squares blanket layout

I have written out the pattern including a grid that includes all the colour combinations that I did. I had 7 colours but you may choose more or less colours. It could be clashing colours, rainbow colours or tonal colours. Once you've chosen your colours then you can start to plan out what order to put them in and the various combinations that can be achieved. 

My blanket was made for the pure pleasure and the challenge of all the colour combinations I could make. It was very satisfying to make. I hope you have as much fun making it as I did. To download the FREE pattern Click here

Hope you have fun making this blanket, don't forget to post pictures of your creation onto the wool bar facebook page


Happy Hooking 


Jane x




Last week I shared with you my Spiral Shoulder poncho and I said I'd be sharing how to make the flower I made to go on it. It's a really easy pattern. Weather you use 2 colours or a single colour. Here's the flower

3D crochet flower

So what can you use this flower for? Well it makes a great accessory on bags, ponchos & tops, but also is great for turning into a brooch which you can use on almost anything.

The other Saturday we had one of the young girls from Carolines after schools knitting & crochet group come into the shop. Lucy was selling her lovely homemade cookies and cakes to help raise funds. She is going to Ghana with her school in 2015 and helping to build a school out there for disadvantaged kids. She had a go at making one of my flowers and we thought it would be a great idea if she made some and turned them into brooches to sell in the shop. I thought it would be great if we could help too.

So if you would like to help raise money for Lucy then you can download the pattern and give it a go. You can post your crochet donations to The Wool Bar or bring them in as you pass by. You can of course make them for your own enjoyment as well. The more we have the better

 3d flowers

Click here to download the FREE Pattern.

Once you've made them don't forget to take some pictures and share them one our facebook page

Happy Hooking


Jane x




Recently I've been making lots of crochet flowers for bunting and for the shop. Caroline suggested I made something for myself for a change. She had been crocheting a cute little short shoulder poncho and I felt quite inspired by that. Instead of copying the same pattern I decided to look for a different pattern. I searched on Ravelry and google. I saw some beautiful designs, but it was hard to make the adjustments for a bigger size. I did find one pattern but part of it was written in American terms and part in English terms, which I felt was rather strange. 

Any way the pattern had caught my attention, so I decided to design something along a similar style and write myself a pattern all in English terms. 

Here's what I made - Spiral Shoulder poncho - 

Spiral Shoulder Poncho

I added a flower accessory as I was pretty good at them after all the flowers I'd been making for the shop. I'll be uploading the flower pattern very soon, but if you'd like to have a go at this poncho the pattern is available on Ravelry here:

spiral shoulder poncho stitch marker 

Because of the nature of the pattern my advice it to use a stitch marker at the start of the round. it's very easy to miss it. 


 I used the gorgeous Malabrigo dk yarn. I'd heard everyone rave about this yarn saying it was the best yarn ever. Thing is I knew it wouldn't be horrible, but I thought what people were saying may have been a bit of an exaggeration. WELL!!! I'm now one of those people raving about this yarn. It's crazily soft and so wonderful to work with. I loved making this poncho and the reason was mostly down to the enjoyment of working with this yarn. I was also very impressed with how many meters are on a skein. I thought I'd need 3, but I did it all with 2 x 100g skeins.  You can of course use any dk yarn you like, But if you fancy trying some Malabrigo, The Wool Bar will be getting some more stock in store this week.


Don't forget to post up your creations on The Wool Bar Facebook Page. I'd love to see what you create.


Happy Hooking


Jane x




Well I hope you've all had a lovely day. I've been utterly spoilt today and had plenty of time for doing some crochet.

The other week I made a couple of baby cardigans for a friend of mine who's daughter is epecting twins. The Yarn I used was Katia Saigon. It looks and feels just like cotton, but is infact 100% acrylic. And at £3.99 for 100g is great value for money. 1 ball is enough to make a baby cardigan. 

twin baby cardigans

 pink shell and v baby cardigan shell and v pattern 

I then went on to make another lacier baby cardigan and I have to say I've fallen in love with this yarn . it makes a perfect summer baby yarn, but it doesn't have to be just for babies. My daughter really liked it too so after I finished this little pink one I made a start on a much bigger version in deep pink and turquoise blue. Here's my progress o far

pink and blue shell and v pattern

The pattern will be available to buy in the shop, but I thought I'd share with you the stitch pattern. it's very easy and looks more complicated that it actually is. So if you're fed up of doing basic double and trebble crochets give this stitch a go. It will give you a lovely simple lacy pattern and can be used it a variety of projects. It's called Shell's & 'V's

Foundation Row: chain multiples of 8 plus 3

Row 1: 2tr in the 4th chain from hook, *miss 3 ch, 1tr 1ch 1tr into the next stitch (= V stitch) miss 3 ch, 5tr into the next ch (= Shell stitch). Repeat from * to end, ending with 3tr in the last ch

Row 2: 4ch 1 tr into the first treble, *Shell stitch in ch space of V stitch, V stitch into the 3rd tr of Shell stitch, repeat from * to the end

Row 3: 3ch 2tr into V stitch, *V stitch into the 3rd tr of shell stitch, Shell stitch into the ch space of the V stitch, repeat from * to end, ending with 3tr into the last V stitch

Rows 2&3 for the pattern. 

This stitch pattern is great for all sorts of projects from blankets, cardigans & hats and much much more so give it a try.


Happy Hooking 


Jane x




Hi Everyone,

I've got a great week ahead of me next week, with a fab trip up to the knitting and stitch show with my lovely friends from knit and natter on Thursday, I've also been invited to the Splash fm awards evening on Friday and I'm performing belly dancing at a Hen party on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it all. 

So on Friday at the awards evening we all have to get dressed up. I bought myself a lacy black dress and I wanted to do something pretty to accessorize it, so I desided to make myself a little lacy scarf. 

 treble lace scarf plus air lux

I'd seen some gorgeouse new yarn come into the Wool Bar from Katia called Air Lux. it is a beautiful metallic yarn but unlike many other metallics which can be rough and scratchy, this one is super soft and as light as air. It has a halo of fine fibers which gives is an antique look and a bit of body and the shine gives it a really luxurious look. I found it is really easy to work with and glides effortlessly in the hands.

I thought I would write up my pattern for you, so you can give this lovely yarn a try. It's called Treble Lace Scarf. It's a very simple patern to do. once you have the first row done all you have to do is repeat the second row until you have the required length for your scarf. 

As with most of my patterns they work with any thickness of yarn. Air Lux is a very fine lace weight yarn and I've used a 2.5mm hook, but it will work equally as well with 4ply, double knitting, Aran or chunky. You just need to use a hook size that corressponds to the thickness of yarn.

If you'd like to have a go with my Treble lace Scarf click here to download the FREE PATTERN and don't forget to share your creations on the Wool Bar Facebook Page.

Happy Hooking






I'm sorry it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. There's been so much going on and I've been busy crocheting gifts and not had time to write anything down.


Since I've been helping out in the Wool Bar one thing I've noticed is an increase of women wanting to learn how to crochet. Also we have the Crochet Afghan Project this year as well. So with all this crocheting going on its great to see that Caroline has lots of crochet books in the shop to help us out and give us lots of inspiration.

I thought I would do a bit of a book review and share a couple of the projects I've made. If you've bought a crochet book recently maybe you'd like to share something you've made from it on the Wool Bar Facebook page and let us know what you think of the book.

My favourite book is 'The Complete Book of Crochet Border Designs'lark-books-complete-book-of-crochet-border-designs-2

For me I think the reason I like this book is because I like to work on my own designs and there are so many ideas you can use as borders or merge the stitches into your own piece of work. I Think the patterns are clearly written and easy to understand with the added bonus of  the pattern drawn with symbols. The book has American terminology, but because it's written so clearly it's easy to work out.

In the beginning of the book there is a comprehensive list of how to do each stitch as well as the international crochet symbol system. This is really helpful if you see a pattern written in a foreign language, you'll still be able to follow the pattern. 

I think there is something for everyone in this book, from simple designs to elaborate lacy pieces. I chose a shell pattern that formed a zig zag pattern. I incorporated the pattern into a hat and a pair of fignerless mittens.

fignerless mittenslacy border hat


I've used the same border for both projects. On the hat I worked it exactly as the pattern said, but with the mittens I did one extra row working every 2nd & 3rd stitches together causing the pattern to gathered. The Yarn I used on the border was Malibrago and for the main body of the work I've used baby Alpaca by King Cole.

Check out the book in the Wool Bar, there are over 300 patterns, so its well worth a look. Don't forget to share your favourite books and the projects you've made. 


 till next time 

Happy Hooking

Jane X



Date 4/10/13


Well It's finally here... A Crochet Challenge for you all and your chance to WIN something rather special.


 hiya hook sethiya hook case

 So how do I get my hands on this fabulous prize I hear you ask. Well its simple. Competition is closed but the pattern is available from here:

wool bar shawl  wool bar shawl close up

 Some of you may have seen the shawl on display in the wool bar window. I've used the Manos 4ply hand painted yarn. I think it looks like pistachio nuts, but this pattern will work with any yarn. If you use 4ply you need to use a 3mm hook or dk you need a 4mm hook. The choice is yours. You can be as creative as you like, using variegated yarns, solid colours, do different colour for each row or for each flower. We want to see how many different variations you can all come up with.


Competition rules:

  • To enter into the prize draw you need to make up the pattern following it to the same size as stated or bigger.
  • You have until Saturday 14th December to complete your shawl and once finished email a picture of it to us at
  • Only completed shawls will be entered into the prize draw.
  • By entering this competition you are agreeing to allow us to use your picture, which we will be making into a montage and posting on to the wool bar facebook page.
  • We also need your name, address and phone number. This information will be kept private and is used solely for contacting you in the event you are our successful winner.
  • Once all pictures are collected in we will enter the names into a hat and 1 lucky person will be drawn at random. The winner will be announced on the wool bar page on Monday 16th December.

So what are you waiting for... if you want these fabulous Hiya Hiya hooks then get crocheting. The sooner you get creative the sooner we can share your pictures on facebook to inspire everyone else.

 so there you have it, have fun and be creative

 Happy Hooking





Date: 15/09/13

Hi Everyone,

soft ripple bright

 Soft Ripple Pattern

I love to crochet zig zags, waves and ripple patterns and over the years I have seen many different variations, Some have a holey look to them while others are more solid, some are soft ripples while others have a deep zig zag. You just need to decide what you want the end result to look like. In the pattern I am going to share with you I've taken a simple design and given it a little twist. It is quite a shallow ripple and has quite a delicate look, and on each colour change I've worked into the back loops only, so it's looks like the previous row over laps it. It works perfectly with the King Cole 4ply merino wool and a 3mm hook.

          soft ripple back loops   soft ripple close up

AND If you can count in 3's then you can do this pattern.

You need to chain in multiples of 12 plus 3. For a small lap/pram blanket you need to chain 123.


ch - chain

tr/ trs - trebles

tr3tog - treble 3 together - # Yo insert hook in next stitch pull through, Yo take 2 loops off hook repeat from # 2 more times, there should be 4 loops on hook, Yo and take off all 4 loops (3 stitches become 1 stitch)


Foundation Row: 1tr in the 4th chain from hook, *1 tr in each of the next 3chs ,  tr3tog , 1tr in each of the next 3chs, 3 trs in the next 1ch. repeat from * to the last ch. 2trs in the last ch. turn.

Row 1: ch3 & 1tr in the first stitch, *1tr in each of the next 3trs, tr3tog, 1tr in each of the next 3 stitches, 3tr in the next tr repeat from * to end, 2 tr in the top of the chain at start of previous row. Turn.

Row 2: Change colour and work in back loops only. ch3 & 1tr in the first stitch, *1tr in each of the next 3trs, tr3tog, 1tr in each of the next 3 stitches, 3tr in the next tr repeat from * to end, 2 tr in the top of the chain at start of previous row. Turn.

Rows 1 & 2 form the pattern and repeat until the required length ending on row 1. for the pram blanket I decided to do 24" which is about 60 rows, but you can choose to do it longer if you wish.

So there you have it,  my Soft Ripple Pattern. This pattern is available in a kit form from The Wool Bar. Each kit contains 5 balls of King Cole 4ply Merino in a variety of colour ways suitable for boys girls or unisex.


Happy Hooking


Jane x


Date: 22/08/13

I have a question for you all. What craft do you like to take on holiday with you?

Well I had a few crochet projects on the go, but when I go on holiday I like to take something new with me. Often it's something small that I can pick up and put down without getting too lost in the pattern.

Before my recent long weekend away I had decided to make a bag with hexagons. So I popped into the wool bar and picked up some of their lovely vibrant Limone 4ply cottons. It's very popular at the moment and the colours are so happy, they make you feel good.

Each evening, after we had spent long days out and about, the rest of the family relaxed in the hotel room watching whatever rubbish they could find TV and I put my feel up and made some hexagons. One night the room got so hot I decided to go and sit in the cool air of the reception/bar area with my crochet. It wasn't long before I had an audience of over 10 people, adults and kids, all intently watching me work. people wanted to know how to do it, others said they wish they had bought their crochet or knitting with them. Over the 3 evenings I was there I managed to make all 18 hexagons I needed for the bag. Not bad going.

So I guess you all want to know how to make the hexagons? Click Here to download the pattern:

African flower hexagon

To make the bag you need to repeat the pattern till you have 18 hexagons. Below is the layout for each hexagon. Place the hexagons with wrong sides facing each other. Join with Dc into the back loops of each hexagon. remember the back loops are the loops nearest each other when the wrong sides are together     

hexagon bag layout numbered 

It was a little tricky sewing up the sides and working out which bit went where, but I've taken the headache out of it for you and numbered each side. Just put the same numbers together. All that's left to do is add a strap, button and loop. You can line your bag if you want as well. Here is the finished bag. You can be creative with different colours and yarns. mine is 4 ply, but will work with dk yarns as well and will just come up a little bigger. The full instructions for making up the bag are all included in the downloadable pattern

African Flower Hexagon bag 

Hope you have fun making this bag and don't forget to post a picture of it up on the wool bar facebook page or bring it into the shop for show and tell.


Happy hooking


Jane x


Date: 11/08/13

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had fun trying out the Popcorn Kiss square. If you had a go at it don't forget to take a picture and post it up on the wool bar facebook page. I'd love to see what you've made.

This time I'd like to introduce you to the Puff stitch. With lots of other stitches they are normally made up of a combination of double crochet, half trebles, trebles and slip stitches, but this stitch is a little bit different. You can make it look bigger or smaller just by how long you pull your loops. The cool thing about this stitch is that you can combine it with a normal granny square stitch for a textured row or you can use just the puff stitch to create a very snugly looking square.

So let me break down the puff stitch for you.

For a puff stitch you can go through either a stitch or chain space. In my pattern we will be going through a chain space. I've started my square using normal trebles in the centre

 1: DSC00664  2: DSC00666  3:  DSC00667 

4:  DSC00669  5:  DSC00670  6:  DSC00671

1: For a beginning puff stitch you need to do 1 chain and pull it long. 2:Yarn over and go through work and pull loop through and pull it long, half inch is a good size but it can be longer or shorter. 3: Repeat that motion 5 times pulling each loop long. You should now have 11 loops on your hook. 4: Simply yarn over and 5: pull through ALL 11 loops. 6: To finish the stitch chain 1 to secure. This chain does not count as part of any other chains in the pattern.

Now you have the puff stitch under your belt, here is my square. it's called Puff Granny, not Puff Daddy lol. I've done 1 row normal granny stitch and 1 row puff stitch. As with most of my designs you can do as many rows as you like, making the squares as big or as small as you want. If you want to do a different size just remember that the border rounds will have a different number of stitches along the sides, so don't forget to calculate that.

 Puff Granny       Puff granny close up       

To download the FREE pattern as a PDF CLICK HERE

Have fun trying out this new stitch and don't forget to take a picture of what you've made and post up it up on the facebook page.

Happy hooking


Jane x


Date: 28/07/13

Hi There,

When it comes to doing a granny square there is no point in me trying to re design it. It is what it is. You can't change a classic, but you can do some different variations on the granny square to add a bit of interest to those throws and cushion covers. Over the next few blogs I'm going to share some of my favourite crochet squares with a difference. Some I've seen elsewhere and some I've designed myself.

One of my favourite stitches is a popcorn stitch. It looks difficult, but it's actually very easy. If you can do trebles and slip stitches then you'll find this a breeze. I love the raised texture and definition of the stitch.

This square I've called Popcorn Kiss and is one of my own designs.

In this square instead of following the usual 3tr 1ch combo I've gone for a 'V' stitch and the popcorn stitch in the corners creating an 'X' or kiss. In my square I did 4 rows of pattern, but once you've mastered the technique you can just keep going and making your square as big as you like. You can make one huge square throw or sew together lots of smaller squares.

popkiss photo edits 01

Beginning Popcorn Stitch: 3ch 4trs, pull the loop long, take out the hook and insert it into the top of the 3ch, pull the loop through, pull tight and secure with 1ch

Normal Popcorn Stitch: 5trs, take out the hook and insert the hook into the top of the first treble, pull the loop through, pull tight and secure with ch

popkiss photo edits 02

Create 8 popcorn stitches with 3 chains in between in a magic circle. Pull the tail of the circle tight and slip stitch into the top of the beginning popcorn.

popkiss photo edits 03

Next round: Work 1PC 3ch 1PC into each corner space, then 2ch 'V'st 2ch, ('V' stitch is 1tr 1ch 1tr into the same space)

popkiss photo edits 04

Continue to work popcorn stitches into corners and V stitches along the sides

popkiss photo edits 05

Finish off the square with a row of DC's. 

After a while you'll have a pile a squares and all you need to deside is what to do with them!

Click here to download the full pattern

I've tried to make the pattern as simple as possible, but for anyone stuggling with it, there is going to be a workshop at the start of september at the Wool Bar covering this and a few other squares. check out the Classes page for more details.

Next time from Hot Off The Hook, How to do my Puff Granny Square.

Happy Hooking



Date: 21/07/13

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog for The Wool Bar. As you will soon get to know I love to crochet. I always have something on the go or hot off the hook, so Caroline and myself thought it would be good to share with you some of the designs I've made up and also some projects I've found and enjoyed making.

So here it is!!! Something simple that you can all make.... The Crochet Butterfly.

I've crocheted for around 20years and I've attempted many butterflies in the past. When looking at the pictures on the patterns the designer makes them look so pretty. Then I attempt them and think 'what on earth is that meant to be'... I'm sure we've all thought it.... maybe my tension was wrong or did I miss something out, who knows! I'd then end up frogging my work or throw it away. Well thanks to Nida a friend at the Wool Bar I created a butterfly that is simple and beautiful and now I'm addicted to making them.

Crochet butterflies As you may have seen in the Wool bar Caroline has lots of these little butterflies and other butterfly designs in her window. 

The Wool Bar are asking customers and friends to make and donate butterflies which will then be made into brooches and then sold to help raise money for Butterflies Breast Cancer Care Support Group.

So if you fancy giving these little butterflies a go I've written out the pattern which you can download for FREE HERE

Once you've made them don't forget to take a photo of them and share them on the Wool Bar Facebook page and then drop your donations into the shop.

You don't have to follow this pattern. If you already have a favourite butterfly pattern that works for you then you can make that. All butterflies are welcome

so that's it for my first blog. Hope you enjoy having a go at this cute little pattern

Happy Hooking


Jane x